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Monday, February 07, 2005


bill gates infallible logic strikes again

This is a Windows XP error I received yesterday upon trying to reboot my computer (ok, so it's not verbatim, but you get the gist of it):
Windows can not detect a keyboard or you do not have one connected.

Press F1 to continue...

I pressed F1. My computer continued.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


i went through the trouble of propositioning and robbing a prostitute, and all i got was this stupid t-shirt

I stumbled upon some sort of online Chinese news source. I've only read two articles, but neither of them make much sense to me. I really hope it's bad translation and not actually the kind of "news" people are subjected to in China.

In this piece, entitled Treacherous Love Online, Xu Feng solicits prositution on the internet, drugs the prostitute with sleeping pills, steals her purse, and leaves her at the hotel to wake up the next morning. According to the article, Xu did this because his mother started rationing his paycheck after he got involved in a long-distance (internet) relationship. She had him down to less than $40 a month, so he needed to steal some money for...who knows. He didn't think what he did was wrong. (Amusingly, the bag he stole from the hooker only had $6 in it.)

It's also interesting to note that the article makes it very clear that Xu was a smart guy, graduated from university and everything, and apparently in the eyes of many Chinese this makes him above doing stupid things like stealing from a prostitute. In America, where any idiot can go to college and become president, this isn't much of a surprise occurrance--and certainly not enough to warrant anything but a tiny mention in the community section of the paper.

Mostly I just have a lot of pretty bizarre questions about Chinese culture now, such as: is this considered a normal mother-son relationship? If he's graduated from university, he's at least 20, and his mother still has the power to "ration" his money? Is prostitution legal in China? Are they ahead or behind us that they think online relationships are so goofy? Do they really believe that getting a good education will make you a better person? Was the woman raped? Would this news source be censored in a way to not say so if she was?

And why don't they hire a better translator?


if he ever was my president, he's not anymore

I'm with Trey on this one.

I didn't watch the State of the Union--bad blogger, I know--but according to Avi & Kelly's Law (of television), at any given time, somewhere on my digital cable, an episode of Law & Order: SVU is on. 8:00 central time on Tuesday, this proved true and I definitely enjoyed the views of Olivia and Elliot as they did whatever they do.

Trey recapped what I knew Bush was going to say, anyway.

Two years in a row now he has said, in effect, that he want's to enshrine in the highest law of our nation a ban to my equality, forever. No recourse to the courts, no recourse to my state or national legislatures. No, my equality, my family's equality, he wants banned forever. And he announces it in the most important speech of the year. Twice, in case we forgot...

No, he lost me. He is no longer my president. It's not that he has ignored me as a citizen (no, Reagan did that), or abandoned me (Clinton did that), no.. he has singled out me and family as citizens worthy of contempt, enough contempt to forever block my equality and our family's dignity...

He is no longer president.

Read the rest of Trey's post. It's beautiful, just like the rest of his blog.

Bush may have a mandate (does he think he will ever live down that comment?), but the 49% who didn't vote for him are hard at work convincing the 52% of us who were confused and thought they were voting for Nadar that this whole reelection thing really wasn't that good of an idea. I'll just repeat what all of you already know: Bush is not a smart man. Bush is running the country with his Bible instead of his head, much like Clinton ran it with his dick instead of his head. Bush seems to like making a whole lot of Americans really, really cranky with him.

You know, I hadn't had this thought before, but I don't think I would be that surprised (or even upset) if he was assassinated. Yes, I would be upset in that vague indirect way that I am about every unfortunate death (or fortunate one, as the case may be); but in the end, I think the country would be better off without Bush. The country would be better off with someone dedicated to expanding and protecting the rights of all people, not just a select few. The country would be better off if half its citizens realized that someday they could be the ones up against a witch hunt, and don't they want someone on their side then?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


because otherwise tuesdays suck

Three Things I am Thankful For Today:

1. People in my life who aren't flakes, even if there don't seem to be very many of them.
a. People who can admit they are flakes
b. Me believing I'm not a flake
2. I found a trainer to work with my horse and me.
3. I actually feel like I'm accomplishing things and becoming a Productive Member of Society. This is a good feeling, even if it's against a lot of the things I believe in.


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