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Thursday, January 27, 2005


so apparently homework isn't a myth

(Warning: There are several grammatical mistakes and a general feeling of "that didn't make much sense" in this post. Alas, it's my bed time and I don't care enough to fix it at this point, so slog through it--or don't--and don't criticise.)

Haven't written because, well, as the title says, homework really isn't an urban legend used to scare kids. Some teachers really do assign it, and in some classes you really do have to open your textbook every now and then. I can see that this grasshopper has many things to learn this semester.

Number one thing to learn is probably time management. Number two is how to work too much, take a really wimpy number of classes, get B's, and say cool stuff on this blog.

On the list for the next week: lots of reading for composition, a little stupid assignment for sociology, annotating for composition (which makes me want to kill myself), and listening to my human sexuality teacher tell me approximately 5,374 more times how she has a degree in psychology and we are only students, therefore we know nothing.

I also have this list of things to blog about:

And that's just the stuff I have on my dry-erase board.

For now, I'd just like to know who can answer this question:

What kind of human sexuality teacher would defend the validity of a sex survey done in 1990? I don't mean the validity in general, but the validity now. What do you think the chances are that, given the same survey, a random sampling of Americans would answer it in a much different way? Even VH1 could tell you that American values and views on sex has changed a helluva lot in the last 15 years.

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